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Art Department


STUDIO ART - 1 Year - 1 Credit

This course is required of Art majors and those continuing with Art.  It is a beginning course covering the fundamentals of Art, Design, Color, Form, Perspective, and a variety of media. 

A notebook may be required. 

**Required course for a sequence in Art.

ADVANCED ART 1 - 1 Year - 1/2-1 Credit

The emphasis in each Art class will vary depending somewhat on the student's interest and ability.  The forty week schedule will be divided up into two semesters.  In each half, only a select amount of the mediums will be introduced.  This will allow more time to explore the specific art form.  A student that would like a sequence in Art needs to take an additional year of Advanced Art, where mediums are taught. 

**Pre-requisite: Studio Art.


ADVANCED ART 2 - 1 Year - 1/2-1 Credit

A variety of media and processes are explored, focusing on the elements of Art and principles of design.  This Art course is designed to give the student an understanding of the structure of work as well as the historical significance of Art of the past and present.  Emphasis may be placed more on the individuals interests, needs, and purpose relative to the ability and art experience of the individual. 

**Pre-requisite: Studio Art & Advanced Art 1


ADVANCED ART 3 - 1 year - 1/2-1 Credit

Advanced course for the third year student.  This course is designed to help students further their special interests in the Art fields of their choice.  There is a major emphasis on individual work, more student focused projects, and portfolio preparation. 

**Pre-requisite: Studio Art, advanced Art 2.





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