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The cycle will be September, October/November, December/January, February/ March,  April/May, and June/July. All articles should be submitted to Sandy Welsh via e-mail (welsh@deruytercentral.org). The articles should be "ready for print," i.e. proof-read, spelling/grammar checked, etc., and in Word format.   If you have any questions regarding the submission of articles for the newsletter, please call Sandy at 852-3400 x 7403. Following is a sample schedule of the dates articles will be due for publication. Please make sure to check the due dates so articles will be as timely as possible. Thank you.

  • October/November Newsletter - Articles due the 1st week of October with an approximate mailing date:  October 31st.
  • December/January Newsletter - Articles due the 1st week of December for an approximate mailing date:  January 10th.
  • February/March Newsletter  - Articles due the 1st week of February for an approximate mailing date - February 24th.
  • April/May Newsletter - Articles due the 1st week of April for an approximate mailing date - May 1st
  • June Newsletter - Articles due the 1st week of June for an approximate mailing date - June 30.
  • September Newsletter - Articles due approximately July 20th for an approximate mailing date - August 10th.

If you currently do not receive a District Newsletter in the mail and would like to receive one, please call Sandy Welsh, 852-3400 x 7403, or send your address to her via e-mail (welsh@deruytercentral.org).

Thank you.





Charles W. Walters, Superintendent

711 Railroad Street
DeRuyter, New York 13052
Phone: (315) 852-3400

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