DeRuyter Central Schools

District Planning Team - 2010


The purpose of the DeRuyter Central School’s District Planning Team (DPT) is to ensure participation of parents and teachers with administrators in the school-based planning and shared-decision making.   Central to this goal is a solid and consistent communication link between the Board of Education, the Administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, and community members.

The DPT also plays a vital role in the district meeting its obligations to the State Education Department by helping the district review on an annual or biannual basis many key district plans such as its Professional Development Plan (PDP) and the Shared Decision-Making Plan (SDMP). 

This web page will be used to open a line of communication for both the faculty and the community as meeting minutes will be posted monthly.  The DPT will also use this page to solicit community input for various initiatives that it is leading.   Feel free to contact any DPT member with your thoughts and concerns at any time.

DPT members present at each meeting are listed in the meeting minutes.

Manner and Extent of Expected Involvement of All Parties

            At a minimum, the DPT will consist of:

                        1.       Administrators

2.       Faculty Representatives

3.       Parent Representatives                         

4.       Support Staff Representatives

5.       Bargaining Unit Representatives


Member Selection: Volunteers will be recruited for the committee including the above representatives and may include parents, students, community members, and BOE representatives.


Meetings: The committee meets once a month during the school year, except the month of December.   The committee also meets once in the summer (either in July or August) to help plan the opening day staff development day.


Roles and Responsibilities: The DPT will have one chairperson to facilitate the meeting.  The team will appoint a recorder at each meeting.   The recorder will insure the dissemination of the meeting minutes once they have been reviewed and approved by the committee.   The minutes will be disseminated to all faculty and staff and posted on the district’s web page.

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